Saturday, January 28

Valentine's Treasury Round-Up

Is it too early to think about Valentine's Day? I think not. Here's a few super fun, recent Valentine's Day treasuries featuring Purple Clover and many other great handmade artists. Enjoy!

Sweet Recycled Valentine Gift by findandflourish
Sneak Peek Item from Article11

Eco-Friendly Valentine's by DrapesofWrath
Sneak Peek Item from sunshynesilverwear

Happy Valentine's Day Featuring Northern Virginia Craftaholics by KiKiCloest
Sneak Peek Item from watercloestsoap

Sunday, January 15

Fun Finds: A Dose of Winter Sunshine

My colors of the moment are yellow and gray, partly because they make an eye-pleasing combination and partly because I'm desperately in need of a mid-winter pick-me-up (beach now, please??) and yellow fits the bill. Here's a collection honoring these lovely colors of winter. Highlights are below and be sure to check out the full list!

Mustard Yellow Gray Ring by TheWhirlWind

Vintage Yellow Depression Glass Dessert Cups by ElmPlace
Fabric Circle Garland by SugarOwlDesigns

Friday, January 13

Happy National Rubber Ducky Day!

Organic Felted Baby Soap by EngelFelt

My regular readers may have noticed by now that I'm a fan of wacky, under-appreciated holidays. Today's is one of my favorites...National Rubber Ducky Day! Here are some fun facts you may not know about this much beloved children's toy...

  • Rubber ducks were first created in the late 19th century. 
  • In German-speaking countries, rubber ducks are known as 'squeaky ducklings'
  • In the US, the largest rubber duck race is the annual Freestore Foodbank Rubber Duck Regatta in Cincinnati, Ohio. Over 100,000 rubber ducks participate. 
  • In 1992, 29,000 plastic bath toys, including rubber ducks, were swept off a freighter in the ocean. The ducks' were tracked by oceanographers and ended up on the shores of Indonesia, Australia and South America. Many were also trapped in Arctic ice in Alaska and Russia, and were sighted as recently as 2000 still slowly following the track of the Arctic ice. 
Banana Rubber Ducky Soap by LoveLeeSoaps

Sunday, January 8

From the Studio: I Heart U

Just in time for Valentine's Day, here's a sneak peek at new customizable wall decor available from Purple Clover! Let your SO or friend know you care with this adorable decoration made from a repurposed map of the location of your choice - such as a hometown, memorable vacation spot or favorite city. Check out all the details on Etsy!

Friday, January 6

Happy National Cuddle Up Day!

It's true there is a holiday for just about any day of the year now. But today's random holiday is something I can get official day to stay inside out of the cold and cuddle up with your sweetheart? What's not to like? Of course, since it's over 60 degrees here in DC today, the staying in out of the cold part is just pretend. And if you're in need of a cuddle partner, I've included a few non-human, upcycled options here for you to try out. Enjoy, and happy cuddling!

Daisy Lumbar Upcycled Pillow by Kamiann

Upcycled Felted Wool Flower Pillow by SaraRenay

Sunday, January 1

New Year, New Calendar

My New Year's Day usually involves a tasty brunch, a guilty-pleasure TV marathon and setting up my calendar for the new year. For an organizing junkie like me, a brand-spanking new calendar or agenda is as exciting as Christmas morning to a five-year old. Haven't purchased your 2012 calendar yet? Shame on you! But don't worry, here's a collection of crafty calendars from the Washingtonian for you to choose from. And if you're looking for a fun decorative option, might I recommend this gem from Suzy Jack? Enjoy, and Happy New Year!