Thursday, April 26

Repurposed Plant Stand

Looking for a unique way to display your soon-to-be-blooming plants? Before you run out to the store, look around your home - do you have any old pieces of furniture that are no longer needed or are showing signs of wear and tear? Use them! I recently took an old dresser that was no longer up to the task and with a few simple steps repurposed it into a plant stand. Just remove any existing hardware (in this case drawer gliders), sand and paint with an outdoor/waterproof paint. In one afternoon you could have a fun and functional new addition to your outdoor space!



Tuesday, April 24

Is Your Room Blue?

My regulars readers will know I'm big on color. Who doesn't love a little extra color in their lives? The color choices we make in our everyday life can say a lot about our personalities. Today, let's look at blue and green.

It's well known that blue and green have calming and relaxing affects on people. This is due to their association with water and nature. But did you know that people who choose soft blues and greens for their home decor (like those shown above) tend to be introverts? Choosing blue or green for your home could mean you crave a calm oasis, are looking to create more personal 'space' in your life or are searching for fulfillment. Not sure this really describes you? Think about it. That blue comforter you just bought could say more about you than you think!

Saturday, April 21

Green Cleaning Tips

Toile Rubber Gloves by cheldomesticgoodies

Everyone is tackling (or at least thinking about tackling) spring cleaning around this time of year. But is a clean home, really a clean home? Many traditional cleaning products leave unhealthy traces of their chemical bases behind - like fumes or films. In the spirit of Earth Day, why not make your spring cleaning this year, a green spring cleaning?

All you need is a few simple household ingredients that are likely already in your cabinets: baking soda, lemon juice, white vinegar (my fav of the list!) and club soda. And an added bonus, these products are much less expensive than other cleaning products. For tips on how to tackle each room, check out this blog post from The Daily Green and get cleaning!

Thursday, April 19

Fun Finds: Baseball Style

In case you haven't tuned in, baseball season is underway! Even casual fans (like me), have to appreciate a fun afternoon sitting in the sun with a cool drink, cheering on your local team. I was lucky enough to do that exact thing just the other day, which inspired this edition of baseball fun finds. Highlights are below, and be sure to check out the full collection!

Used Baseball Ring by thebigcitybumpkin

Washington Nationals Wood Sign by ZekesAntiqueSigns
Baseball Piggy Bank by ThePigPen

Tuesday, April 17

Sneak Peek From the Studio

I know it's been a bit quiet from Purple Clover this past week, but only because the studio has been a buzz with activity! Pictures from this weekend's Craft Attack event will be coming soon, but for now here's a sneak peek of the new upcycled goodies coming from Purple Clover!

Tuesday, April 10

Earth Day 2012 is Almost Here!

Word Art Print from Upcycled Map by PurpleClover

Earth Day is just around the corner on April 22! Need some ideas on how to celebrate or promote environmental awareness in your area? Check out ideas for green projects and links to local events at Earth Day Network. And for any local DC'ers, plan to start your celebration early by visiting Purple Clover at Craft Attack at NOVA Loudoun on Sunday, April 15.

Here's some Earth Day fun facts to impress your friends and help spread the word!

1) In 2009, the United Nations officially designated April 22 as International Mother Earth Day.

2) The idea of an earth day or earth week started in multiple cities in the United States in the early 70s, including San Francisco, Philadelphia and New York.

3) United States Senator Gaylord Nelson is credited with founding Earth Day. He promoted and held an environmental teach-in on April 22, 1970. Over 20 million people participated in earth day events held on that day.

4) There is an official earth day anthem, sung to "Ode to Joy". Click here for the lyrics.

5) There is an official ecology flag, originally created in 1969. It was popular throughout the 1970s, but today most Earth Day events opt to use their own logo.

Tuesday, April 3

Fun Finds: PB&J

I know National PB&J day was yesterday, but seeing as how this delicious sandwich was my main source of sustenance from ages 5 to 15 I just couldn't let the occasion go unmarked. Here is a collection of fun finds celebrating everybody's favorite - peanut butter and jelly. Highlights are below and check out the full collection. Enjoy!

You Complete Me PB&J Card by ColettePaperie

Mug Cozy by knotworkshop

Stitched Peanut Butter and Jelly Cards by polkadotshop