Monday, February 27

Save the Polar Bear

Polar Bear Illustration by AlicePotter

Today is International Polar Bear Day! Now, despite my negative feelings toward cold weather, the polar bear is my favorite animal (kind of strange, huh?) so clearly this is a holiday I take to heart. The polar bear is classified as a threatened species, and experts believe they could be extinct by mid-century. Global warming and the related loss of arctic sea ice have been detrimental to the polar bear's habitat. To raise awareness of this issue, Polar Bears International is asking everyone to Bundle Up for Polar Bears by lowering the thermostat by two degrees today, helping to lower carbon emissions and honor the polar bear. 

So, after you've adjusted your thermostat and put on a sweater, take a look at this collection of polar bear artwork I've put together to honor the adorable, but deadly polar bear. Highlights are below (and above), and be sure to check out the full collection. Enjoy, and spread the word - save the polar bear!

Polar Bears Print by studiotuesday
Polar Bear in Hibernation by augustwren

Tuesday, February 21

Fun Finds: Cherry Pie!

Cherry Pie Cross-Stich by thegreatnorthern

The natural thing to post about today would, of course, be Fat Tuesday. However, my boyfriend was very upset when he discovered that yesterday was National Cherry Pie day and, given my affinity for wacky holidays, I failed to acknowledge it on my blog. Now cherry pie is not my favorite of pies but it's still an American tradition (almost as much as good ole' apple pie) and deserves it's due. So to make up for this grievous oversight (sorry honey!), today's post is all in celebration of the cherry pie!

Thankfully, it seems I was the only one who forgot the holiday, because there are tons of wonderful treasuries themed on that tasty red fruit. Here are a few of my favorites for your viewing pleasure:

Sweet as Cherry Pie by auntysams

Sneak Peek:
Cherry Pie Felt Hair Clip by lulusnest

Love You Like Cherry Pie by maclancy

Sneak Peek:
Crochet Cherry Pie by NadiasPlace

Sweet as Cherry Pie by QuiltinCats

Sneak Peek:
Cherry Felt Toys by PipandOliver

Sunday, February 19

Celebrating Grandma's

This weekend I headed north to celebrate my Grandma's 97th birthday. Yep, you read that correctly...97! So, in honor of my fabulous Grandma I wanted to share with you a few Grandma-themed goodies. Enjoy! 

And, maybe call your Grandma after you finish perusing....

Sea Glass Grandma Pendant
Notes From Grandma by Squeedles

Sterling Silver Hand-Stamped Grandma Pendent by SimplyJoJewelry
Going to Grandma's Vintage Suitcase by GlossyStones

Thursday, February 16

Fun Finds: Garden Kitsch

I'm ready for spring. Even for a mild winter, this one in DC is lasting way too long for my taste! To tide me over, I created a collection of fun finds straight from the garden of yesteryear - full of some irresistible kitsch and retro spring goodies. Highlights are below, and check out the full collection here. Enjoy!

Upcycled Flower Garden Lid Magnet by PeruLilyCrafts

Flowers from the Garden Pinback Buttons by BRadleyBB

Fleur en Plastique Vintage Ring by SPDJewelry

Monday, February 13

Valentine's Day Treats

Now I don't often post about food, but there are so many cute Valentine's Day ideas popping up on pinterest these days, I just couldn't resist. Here's a few of my favorites below...why not make one for your sweetheart today? Enjoy, and Happy Valentine's everyone!
Simple Heart-Shaped Toast via
Raspberry Meringue Kisses via

Heart-Shaped French Toast

Candy-Cane Heart Pops via

Thursday, February 9

Grab Your Umbrella

...because tomorrow is Umbrella Day! February is chock-full of fun holidays like Thank a Mailman Day (Feb. 4), Kite Flying Day (Feb. 8), International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day (Feb. 20) and Tell a Fairy Tale Day (Feb. 28), just to name a few. Seriously - I'm not making this stuff up. Of these fantastic, wacky February holidays we'll be honoring two on my blog (no, the second one is not listed above - it's a surprise!). Right now, it's all about the umbrella. Impress your friends with these umbrella facts and enjoy these beautiful umbrella works of art!

Yellow Umbrella Illustration by osioandalfred

Umbrella Fun Facts

1. Other names include parasol, brolly, parapluie, rainshade, sunshade, gamp and bumbershoot (clearly, the last is my favorite).

2. Nearly all ancient cultures - including the Aztecs, Greeks and Egyptians - have records of umbrellas being used in some form.

3. Pocket umbrellas first appeared in 1928.

4. The modern folding umbrella was patented in 1969.

Umbrella Paper Wall Decor by goshandgolly

Original Crayon and Aryclic Painting by alyxscalf

Tuesday, February 7

Box o' Crafts: The Whimsey Box

Are you a crafter in need of some inspiration? Or maybe looking for a gift for the person who has everything? Whimsey Box is your answer. It's a new service that delivers 4 - 5 craft projects, complete with supplies and instructions, to your door each month. Past project include braided ribbon bracelets, sparkly hair clips, paint-your-own scarfs, reusable gift wrap and DIY slap bracelets (so sad I missed that one!!). The service is available only in the US at the moment, and in limited beta mode so you need to request an invite to take advantage but I'm guessing it's not long before Whimsey Box starts becoming a regular sight on doorsteps everywhere. If you're not ready to commit, or waiting for an invite, check out their blog which has some pretty great do-at-home ideas too.

Saturday, February 4

Fun Finds: Super Bowl Countdown!

Tomorrow the majority of Americans will crowd onto couches, open a frosty beverage and kick-back to watch the Super Bowl. Though my team will not be on the field (our year is coming Redskins!!) I will definitely be joining the masses in this time-honored tradition. To get yourself psyched for the big game, take a look at these fun football-themed finds. It might be too late to incorporate these into your celebration this year, but as Redskins fans say 'There is Always Next Year!'

Football Favor Tags by Cupcakedream

Wall Vinyl Decal American Football by tmarysyuk
Vintage Football Player Print by glasslionstudio

Football Shaped Hardwood Cutting Board by JDsWoodCraft

And who will I be rooting for tomorrow? Take a guess...

New York Giants Painting by stormstriker

Thursday, February 2

Unique Valentine's Gifts

Personalized Red Wool Heart Sachet by NeedleAndFelt

It's a good bet that your SO has probably never received a Valentine's gift as great as handmade bar of soap that says 'You Smell Nice' or a clothes hanger in the shape of the word 'STUD,' or even a Valentine's card with a friendly troll that says 'Hi Hottie.' And, I'm also guessing your craft-loving BFF has never gotten a better gift than a set of heart-shaped recycled crayons.

I know, your jealous of my fabulous gift-giving ideas. Guess what? I'm happy share! Check out my Unique Valentine's Gift Guide on Pinterest to find out where you can purchase all of the above and more!

Wednesday, February 1

Organization for Beginners

organize sign, made from recycled wood, by WilliamDohman

Last week I got an email from my sister, the gist of which was "My closet is out of control. Help!" Luckily, I knew just where to point her: the newly launched Getting Organized magazine. Only a month old and I've fallen in love. Their website has great resources including easy-to-digest articles and videos, and who wouldn't love their slogan: "Treat Yourself to Some Sanity." Because really, isn't that what organization is all about? Making the day-to-day simpler, so you can enjoy life instead of stressing about it.

In answer to my sister's call for help, I sent her this article, Where to Start - Step by Step Organizing Tips. I'd recommend it for anyone looking to tackle a long-waiting organization project but feeling overwhelmed (i.e. that dusty attic, smelly garage or over-stuffed closet). As the article says, "One of the toughest parts is simply getting started and knowing the process."