Monday, February 27

Save the Polar Bear

Polar Bear Illustration by AlicePotter

Today is International Polar Bear Day! Now, despite my negative feelings toward cold weather, the polar bear is my favorite animal (kind of strange, huh?) so clearly this is a holiday I take to heart. The polar bear is classified as a threatened species, and experts believe they could be extinct by mid-century. Global warming and the related loss of arctic sea ice have been detrimental to the polar bear's habitat. To raise awareness of this issue, Polar Bears International is asking everyone to Bundle Up for Polar Bears by lowering the thermostat by two degrees today, helping to lower carbon emissions and honor the polar bear. 

So, after you've adjusted your thermostat and put on a sweater, take a look at this collection of polar bear artwork I've put together to honor the adorable, but deadly polar bear. Highlights are below (and above), and be sure to check out the full collection. Enjoy, and spread the word - save the polar bear!

Polar Bears Print by studiotuesday
Polar Bear in Hibernation by augustwren

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