Thursday, February 2

Unique Valentine's Gifts

Personalized Red Wool Heart Sachet by NeedleAndFelt

It's a good bet that your SO has probably never received a Valentine's gift as great as handmade bar of soap that says 'You Smell Nice' or a clothes hanger in the shape of the word 'STUD,' or even a Valentine's card with a friendly troll that says 'Hi Hottie.' And, I'm also guessing your craft-loving BFF has never gotten a better gift than a set of heart-shaped recycled crayons.

I know, your jealous of my fabulous gift-giving ideas. Guess what? I'm happy share! Check out my Unique Valentine's Gift Guide on Pinterest to find out where you can purchase all of the above and more!


  1. Wonderful gift giving ideas! Thank you for sharing and including my xo heart!

  2. It's a great item! Thanks for commenting!