Thursday, February 9

Grab Your Umbrella

...because tomorrow is Umbrella Day! February is chock-full of fun holidays like Thank a Mailman Day (Feb. 4), Kite Flying Day (Feb. 8), International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day (Feb. 20) and Tell a Fairy Tale Day (Feb. 28), just to name a few. Seriously - I'm not making this stuff up. Of these fantastic, wacky February holidays we'll be honoring two on my blog (no, the second one is not listed above - it's a surprise!). Right now, it's all about the umbrella. Impress your friends with these umbrella facts and enjoy these beautiful umbrella works of art!

Yellow Umbrella Illustration by osioandalfred

Umbrella Fun Facts

1. Other names include parasol, brolly, parapluie, rainshade, sunshade, gamp and bumbershoot (clearly, the last is my favorite).

2. Nearly all ancient cultures - including the Aztecs, Greeks and Egyptians - have records of umbrellas being used in some form.

3. Pocket umbrellas first appeared in 1928.

4. The modern folding umbrella was patented in 1969.

Umbrella Paper Wall Decor by goshandgolly

Original Crayon and Aryclic Painting by alyxscalf

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