Tuesday, February 21

Fun Finds: Cherry Pie!

Cherry Pie Cross-Stich by thegreatnorthern

The natural thing to post about today would, of course, be Fat Tuesday. However, my boyfriend was very upset when he discovered that yesterday was National Cherry Pie day and, given my affinity for wacky holidays, I failed to acknowledge it on my blog. Now cherry pie is not my favorite of pies but it's still an American tradition (almost as much as good ole' apple pie) and deserves it's due. So to make up for this grievous oversight (sorry honey!), today's post is all in celebration of the cherry pie!

Thankfully, it seems I was the only one who forgot the holiday, because there are tons of wonderful treasuries themed on that tasty red fruit. Here are a few of my favorites for your viewing pleasure:

Sweet as Cherry Pie by auntysams

Sneak Peek:
Cherry Pie Felt Hair Clip by lulusnest

Love You Like Cherry Pie by maclancy

Sneak Peek:
Crochet Cherry Pie by NadiasPlace

Sweet as Cherry Pie by QuiltinCats

Sneak Peek:
Cherry Felt Toys by PipandOliver


  1. Thanks a ton for finding my little wool felt cherry pie! It's one of my faves too!

  2. Thanks for adding my treasury! Sounds like it is time to serve some cherry pie to your boyfriend.

  3. Lulu - your felt cherry pie is one of my favs too! So cute!

    Sandy - thanks for creating a beautiful collection! haha, I'm sure he would love that!