Wednesday, May 30

Sewing Envy on Lilyshop

Sewing Machine Cross-stitch by PickleLadyFarm
I am not great at sewing, which is why I am generally envious of people who are (my mom being on this list). When I came across these beautiful pieces on Lilyshop, I naturally drooled a little, and then decided the best way to get over my envy would be to share them with the world. (I can't be the only sewing wanna-be out there, right?) Enjoy!

Spring Owl Felt Magnets by asianinvasionsaloon

Purple and Green Quilt by patchworkmtn

Flower Girl Embroidery Pattern by sewjenaissance

Saturday, May 26

Thursday, May 24

DIY IT: Shabby Chic Curtains

I love the shabby chic look of these curtains, and the best part is it's something you can easily recreate at home. 

Step 1) Buy an inexpensive base curtain in a solid neutral color.

Step 2) Create the fabric strips by cutting strips from used or leftover fabric at least 1" wide. Try a variety of widths or just stick with one. 

Step 3) Knot the strips together to create a strip the length of the curtain you chose.

Step 4) Attach the strips to the curtain either by sewing along the top, or to create a more natural look, cut slits near the top of the curtain for each strip, loop the strip through and knot around the curtain rod. I suggest using fray glue along the slit to minimize fraying.

Step 5) Enjoy! 

Now I just have to figure out where I could do this in my apartment... :)

Tuesday, May 22

Lucky Penny Day

Penny Keychain by AlwaysAMemory
Shine up those pennies in your spare change jar because tomorrow is Lucky Penny Day! Stop by a fountain to make a special wish and keep your eyes glued to the sidewalk for a heads up penny to take advantage of this extra lucky day! (As someone who's childhood nickname was Jenny Penny, I'm hoping for even an extra dose of luck.) While you're waiting for the lucky day to roll around, enjoy these penny-themed fun finds!

Penny Ring by NinaGibsonDesigns

Lucky Us Keychain by KeeferStyleCreations

Tuesday, May 15

Monday, May 7

Sneak Peek From The Studio

Here's a sneak peek of what's new from Purple Clover! Look for these adorable magnets and their friends to be on sale in the etsy store soon!

Thursday, May 3

Are You a Pink Personality?

Today's color up for discussion is pink! More often associated with little girl's rooms, pink can also be a great accent color for living rooms, kitchens or wherever you want a pop of the unexpected! Adults who like the color pink tend to be dedicated to the color. So what does it say about you when you choose pink for your home decor?

Pink is a welcoming color. People who choose it for their home may want to create a warm, welcoming space. Or they may be looking to create more romance in their life. Pink is also the color of nurturing - this could mean you have a nurturing nature or that you are in need of some TLC yourself. You may want to remind yourself of your youth or provide an optimistic face to the world. Pink decor creates a friendly, welcoming space, and who wouldn't want that in their home?. If you have pink decor, the next time someone questions your choice tell them clearly, pink isn't just for little girls. 

Tuesday, May 1

Craft Shows - Craft Attack and Fenton Street

Below are the promised photos from Craft Attack in Sterling, Va earlier this month. Many more can be found on the event's facebook page.

And, just a heads up that Purple Clover will be at Fenton Street Market in Silver Spring, Md. Saturday, May 5 and Saturday, June 2. If you're in the DC-area, be there! And if not, be sure to visit the local craft show in your town!