Thursday, May 24

DIY IT: Shabby Chic Curtains

I love the shabby chic look of these curtains, and the best part is it's something you can easily recreate at home. 

Step 1) Buy an inexpensive base curtain in a solid neutral color.

Step 2) Create the fabric strips by cutting strips from used or leftover fabric at least 1" wide. Try a variety of widths or just stick with one. 

Step 3) Knot the strips together to create a strip the length of the curtain you chose.

Step 4) Attach the strips to the curtain either by sewing along the top, or to create a more natural look, cut slits near the top of the curtain for each strip, loop the strip through and knot around the curtain rod. I suggest using fray glue along the slit to minimize fraying.

Step 5) Enjoy! 

Now I just have to figure out where I could do this in my apartment... :)

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