Thursday, May 3

Are You a Pink Personality?

Today's color up for discussion is pink! More often associated with little girl's rooms, pink can also be a great accent color for living rooms, kitchens or wherever you want a pop of the unexpected! Adults who like the color pink tend to be dedicated to the color. So what does it say about you when you choose pink for your home decor?

Pink is a welcoming color. People who choose it for their home may want to create a warm, welcoming space. Or they may be looking to create more romance in their life. Pink is also the color of nurturing - this could mean you have a nurturing nature or that you are in need of some TLC yourself. You may want to remind yourself of your youth or provide an optimistic face to the world. Pink decor creates a friendly, welcoming space, and who wouldn't want that in their home?. If you have pink decor, the next time someone questions your choice tell them clearly, pink isn't just for little girls. 

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