Saturday, December 31

Discovering Family Treasure

Today, I spent the afternoon happily digging through a treasure trove of family jewelry, that my mom and aunts discovered over the holidays. Some of my favorite finds are shared here for your enjoyment!

Jealous? Dig through those family boxes sitting in the attic - you too may have a stash of fun vintage and costume jewelry waiting right under your nose (or in this case, above your head).

Tuesday, December 27

Wrapping Paper Crafts

If you're like me, recovering from the holidays usually involves weening yourself off of sugar and picking up lots of wrapping paper from the floor. This year instead of just throwing the paper in the recycling bin (yes - all wrapping paper is recyclable!!) why not work off some of that sugar with a crafting marathon? Here's a few links to fun craft projects with used wrapping paper:

Wrapping Paper Necklace by Design by Night

Six Craft Projects Using Wrapping Paper from Crafting a Green World (I love the wrapping paper thank you card idea!)

Recycled Paper Flowers by Maya*Made

Wednesday, December 21

Art for the Season

Artwork wasn't meant to static. Meaning, that painting of a bowl of fruit that's been hanging above your kitchen table for the past six years? Yeah, it's probably time to rotate to that to another space (say, the attic?) and give another piece of artwork some time in spotlight. Why not try a piece of holiday art? Changing art with the seasons gives your space a mini facelift every few months and gives you a new reason to buy something pretty...see everyone wins! 

Check out these fun finds of holiday and winter artwork.  Highlights are below, and don't forget to look at the full list. Happy Holidays and Happy Shopping!

Catching Snowflakes Original Painting by JamiesArt

Funky Christmas Tree Painting by ADoorArt

Happy Hanukkah Menorah Print by anavicky

Tuesday, December 20

Best Cookies Ever

I haven't posted any recipes here in the past, but today I am making an exception to that rule because really, what's the holiday season without an excessive amount of cookies?

Another reason I'm making an exception today is that these brown sugar cookies are in running for the best cookie I've ever eaten. Seriously. They are beyond delicious in my opinion. Here is the original recipe from Real Simple. As one of the reviews suggested, I added two eggs and rolled them out. The result? Amazingness. The second cookie you see in the photo is a basic lemon cake mix cookie (recipe here) - also very good but it definitely takes second place. Enjoy, and happy baking!

Sunday, December 18

Thursday, December 15

Still Shopping?

If you are one of the many procrastinators out there still doing their holiday shopping, might I suggest taking a look at these two treasuries featuring items by yours truly? (if you are ahead of the game - congrats!)

Holiday Decorating Upcycle Style by GreenerRoute

Holiday Present Coasters by Purple Clover

Last Minute & Unique by RibbonsEdge

White Heart Upcycled Coasters by Purple Clover

Monday, December 12

Random Tutorial Generator

Feeling crafty but don't have a specific project in mind? Enter the Random Tutorial Generator.  Just click the adorable button and up pops a random craft tutorial from the vast database. On three separate tries I got: a tee-shirt reconstruction pattern, a felt pinwheel tutorial and a DIY basket liner. The site links you directly to the original blog who created the tutorial - giving exposure to crafter's blogs and maybe introducing you to a few new favorites. You can also do a regular search of their database if you're feeling traditional. The developer (an anonymous crafter) says the site is still under development and changes are in the future. There are a few kinks to work out, but either way this genius invention is sure to be your new obsession (it even almost supplanted pinterest for me...almost).

Saturday, December 10

Etsy Sellers on HGTV

Don't forget to set your DVR for tonight's Design on a Dime on HGTV featuring Etsy! If you just can't wait to see what handmade treasuries are featured, here's a preview. My favorites are the vintage tub chair and map wood block art. The episode airs at 8pm EST.

from Atlas Home

from Lucius Art 

Friday, December 9

Peace Is In The Air

Recycled Paper Mosaic, Colors of Peace, by LaurenSnyder

I always love a good piece of peace sign art, or jewelry, or well, basically peace sign anything. I'm proud to say I have a purple glittery peace sign currently sitting atop by Christmas tree. And my sister, very wisely, gave me a peace sign ice cube tray for my birthday last month (best present ever!). Clearly, I'm a bit obsessed. So I love it when this time of year peace sign starts pop up on holiday decorations, Christmas cards and at New Year's Eve celebrations. The peace sign is a constant symbol of hope, strength and possibilities but somehow it seems even more special come the holiday season. To celebrate the international symbol of peace, here is a collection of eco-friendly fun finds for my fellow peace sign-lovers. Enjoy the highlights shown here (plus fun trivia below!) and be sure to check out the full collection!

For those not as familiar with the symbol, or just looking for a fun fact of the day, here is some peace sign trivia to impress your friends with:

1. Though now the international symbol of peace, the peace sign was first created to symbolize just one specific type of peace. It was the logo of the British Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament.

2. The peace sign's creation is attributed to Gerald Holtom, a professional designer and artist, in 1958.

3. The symbol was quickly adopted by other movements of the time, including the U.S. anti-war movement. The first U.S. group to adopt the symbol was the Student Peace Union.

4. The peace sign is a combination of the semaphore (Maritime flag signals) signals for "N" and "D" - representing nuclear disarmament.

Tie-Dye Bottle Cap Necklace by BottleCapBirthdays

Tuesday, December 6

Have an Organized Holiday

Let's face it - staying completely organized and sane around the holidays is basically impossible. But we can give it our best shot. Starting off with a good, solid system will give you the best chance for a semi-calm, semi-organized holiday and will greatly reduce the chance that you'll lose Aunt Marge's present in the deep, dark recesses of your hall closet. Below are a few general tips to get you started, for the advanced level of holiday organizing visit my pinterest boards or search the site for "holiday organizing tips" - there are tons of great suggestions and projects!

  • Try using a chart to help track the progress of your gift-giving list instead of just committing it to memory. Here's a good one

  • Keep the holiday cards you receive out on display to show them off and help you remember who else you need mail one to. 


  • Set-up a designated gift wrap station in your house, or use a portable basket or suitcase, to keep all your wrapping supplies in one place. That way whenever you have a few free minutes you can stop by that spot (or pull out the basket) and wrap, rather than waste time hunting down all the supplies. If you have a long list wrapping in shorter bursts, rather than all at once, will make the process much less daunting! 


  • Think ahead to next year. Come January it's very tempting to just throw your holiday decorations in boxes, seal them with duck tape and pack away until next year. However, spending some time pre-planning your holiday storage will pay off big next time around. Use compartmentalized boxes (think bead craft boxes) for ornaments and small knick-knacks. Wrap lights and garland around extra cardboard or leftover wrapping paper tubes for tangle-free storage. And, if you have a special item that just makes the holiday season for you mark which box it's in. That way you can open it first and get the season off to the perfect start!


Silver and Gold - a classy holiday combination

This time of year red and green, the tried and true colors of the holiday season, are everywhere you go. Green wreaths, red bows - it's everywhere. I've nothing against these colors - it wouldn't be the holiday season if I didn't have red and green spots in my eyes after a trip to the mall - but I also think we shouldn't forget the more sophisticated and somewhat less appreciated colors of the season: silver and gold. They sparkle; they go with just about every other color; they look sophisticated without being stuffy; oh, and did I mention they sparkle?

Whether your shopping for holiday decor or tackling your gift list, make sure to give silver and gold colors their proper due. To get you started, take a look at these Etsy Treasuries who pay homage to these classic colors:

Silver Bells by Principessabows

Glitter by Inessa

Snowflakes and Silver by AprilsViolets

Glimmers of Gold and Green by Briole

P.S. - Apologies to my regular readers for my extended absence from the blogosphere. What can I say? Life happens!