Friday, December 9

Peace Is In The Air

Recycled Paper Mosaic, Colors of Peace, by LaurenSnyder

I always love a good piece of peace sign art, or jewelry, or well, basically peace sign anything. I'm proud to say I have a purple glittery peace sign currently sitting atop by Christmas tree. And my sister, very wisely, gave me a peace sign ice cube tray for my birthday last month (best present ever!). Clearly, I'm a bit obsessed. So I love it when this time of year peace sign starts pop up on holiday decorations, Christmas cards and at New Year's Eve celebrations. The peace sign is a constant symbol of hope, strength and possibilities but somehow it seems even more special come the holiday season. To celebrate the international symbol of peace, here is a collection of eco-friendly fun finds for my fellow peace sign-lovers. Enjoy the highlights shown here (plus fun trivia below!) and be sure to check out the full collection!

For those not as familiar with the symbol, or just looking for a fun fact of the day, here is some peace sign trivia to impress your friends with:

1. Though now the international symbol of peace, the peace sign was first created to symbolize just one specific type of peace. It was the logo of the British Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament.

2. The peace sign's creation is attributed to Gerald Holtom, a professional designer and artist, in 1958.

3. The symbol was quickly adopted by other movements of the time, including the U.S. anti-war movement. The first U.S. group to adopt the symbol was the Student Peace Union.

4. The peace sign is a combination of the semaphore (Maritime flag signals) signals for "N" and "D" - representing nuclear disarmament.

Tie-Dye Bottle Cap Necklace by BottleCapBirthdays

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