Tuesday, December 20

Best Cookies Ever

I haven't posted any recipes here in the past, but today I am making an exception to that rule because really, what's the holiday season without an excessive amount of cookies?

Another reason I'm making an exception today is that these brown sugar cookies are in running for the best cookie I've ever eaten. Seriously. They are beyond delicious in my opinion. Here is the original recipe from Real Simple. As one of the reviews suggested, I added two eggs and rolled them out. The result? Amazingness. The second cookie you see in the photo is a basic lemon cake mix cookie (recipe here) - also very good but it definitely takes second place. Enjoy, and happy baking!


  1. Nice! My New Years gift to my partner (we celebrate so many holidays between our families that the two of us just go with celebrating New Years) is a whole mess of baked goods and chocolates, so this will be a timely addition to the pile :)

  2. What a great gift - hope your partner enjoys the brown sugar cookies as much as I do!