Tuesday, December 6

Have an Organized Holiday

Let's face it - staying completely organized and sane around the holidays is basically impossible. But we can give it our best shot. Starting off with a good, solid system will give you the best chance for a semi-calm, semi-organized holiday and will greatly reduce the chance that you'll lose Aunt Marge's present in the deep, dark recesses of your hall closet. Below are a few general tips to get you started, for the advanced level of holiday organizing visit my pinterest boards or search the site for "holiday organizing tips" - there are tons of great suggestions and projects!

  • Try using a chart to help track the progress of your gift-giving list instead of just committing it to memory. Here's a good one

  • Keep the holiday cards you receive out on display to show them off and help you remember who else you need mail one to. 

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  • Set-up a designated gift wrap station in your house, or use a portable basket or suitcase, to keep all your wrapping supplies in one place. That way whenever you have a few free minutes you can stop by that spot (or pull out the basket) and wrap, rather than waste time hunting down all the supplies. If you have a long list wrapping in shorter bursts, rather than all at once, will make the process much less daunting! 

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  • Think ahead to next year. Come January it's very tempting to just throw your holiday decorations in boxes, seal them with duck tape and pack away until next year. However, spending some time pre-planning your holiday storage will pay off big next time around. Use compartmentalized boxes (think bead craft boxes) for ornaments and small knick-knacks. Wrap lights and garland around extra cardboard or leftover wrapping paper tubes for tangle-free storage. And, if you have a special item that just makes the holiday season for you mark which box it's in. That way you can open it first and get the season off to the perfect start!

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