Tuesday, December 6

Silver and Gold - a classy holiday combination

This time of year red and green, the tried and true colors of the holiday season, are everywhere you go. Green wreaths, red bows - it's everywhere. I've nothing against these colors - it wouldn't be the holiday season if I didn't have red and green spots in my eyes after a trip to the mall - but I also think we shouldn't forget the more sophisticated and somewhat less appreciated colors of the season: silver and gold. They sparkle; they go with just about every other color; they look sophisticated without being stuffy; oh, and did I mention they sparkle?

Whether your shopping for holiday decor or tackling your gift list, make sure to give silver and gold colors their proper due. To get you started, take a look at these Etsy Treasuries who pay homage to these classic colors:

Silver Bells by Principessabows

Glitter by Inessa

Snowflakes and Silver by AprilsViolets

Glimmers of Gold and Green by Briole

P.S. - Apologies to my regular readers for my extended absence from the blogosphere. What can I say? Life happens!

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