Thursday, November 24

Kick-Back This Black Friday

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving yesterday! Now that all that delicious tofurkey (just kidding - tofurkey is actually not the tastiest. I had maple tofu yesterday - yum!) has been digested it's time to turn your attention to more important matters:  Black Friday.

Skip the crowds, put on those sweatpants and kick-back with your laptop for an easy, breezy Black Friday online shopping spree. Be sure to check out the fantastic offerings from DC area handmade artists on Etsy and use the code HOLIDAYCREST for a 15% discount from participating artists. Not sure where to start? May I suggest perusing these treasuries? I'm sure it won't take long for you to find that must-have item!

Occupy Black Friday by EBNArtStudio

CREST Black Friday in Blue by thetwistedcow

Happy Shopping!

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