Saturday, November 19

The Art of Thankfulness

This time of year lots of people are sharing via facebook, twitter or blogs what they are thankful for. Now, I'm as tech-obsessed as the rest of us, but don't you miss the good ole' days when you had a construction paper turkey (a.k.a a cutout of your hand) and had to write something your thankful for on each feather (a.k.a finger)? There's just something about physically picking up the pen and paper that I think gives a little more weight to those positive thoughts (not that I'm digging on the virtual-postive thoughts either!!). Why not consider one of these fun grown-up versions of that very fancy turkey this Thanksgiving? But whichever way you choose to share, I wish everyone a very happy Thanksgiving!

I love this idea for a big Thanksgiving party! Via PoodlePoddles
Thankful Tree via HoneyWereHome

Gratitude Journal via iloveitallwithmonicawright

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