Wednesday, February 1

Organization for Beginners

organize sign, made from recycled wood, by WilliamDohman

Last week I got an email from my sister, the gist of which was "My closet is out of control. Help!" Luckily, I knew just where to point her: the newly launched Getting Organized magazine. Only a month old and I've fallen in love. Their website has great resources including easy-to-digest articles and videos, and who wouldn't love their slogan: "Treat Yourself to Some Sanity." Because really, isn't that what organization is all about? Making the day-to-day simpler, so you can enjoy life instead of stressing about it.

In answer to my sister's call for help, I sent her this article, Where to Start - Step by Step Organizing Tips. I'd recommend it for anyone looking to tackle a long-waiting organization project but feeling overwhelmed (i.e. that dusty attic, smelly garage or over-stuffed closet). As the article says, "One of the toughest parts is simply getting started and knowing the process." 


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  2. Thanks for the shout out; the articles were super helpful! I've started but still have a ways to go.

  3. Totally agree that starting is the tough part. Once you start rocking everything falls into place

  4. You're right, William! Sometimes thinking of organizing in small doses - such as 30 min. a day - will help overcome that fear of getting started.