Thursday, March 1

DIY IT: T-Shirt Scarf

Awhile back I saw a tutorial from PinkPistachio for this no-sew t-shirt scarf on pinterest. Being someone who never picked up on anything over basic sewing skills, I thought - perfect! Here's my attempt and what I learned along the way. Give it a try - it took me hardly anytime at all and now I have bragging rights every time it gets worn!

1. Start off with a men's cotton t-shirt. The size will determine the length of the scarf so base your choice on how long you want the final product - I went with a medium.

2. Cut a straight line from armpit to armpit. The bottom half is what we'll use here, but keep the top for another t-shirt craft or maybe an art rag. 

3. Cut another straight line just above the hem line. Save this piece, we'll use it in a minute.

4. Cut small snips along the side at small intervals. I did 1 inch intervals, but you could vary this depending on the width you want the scarf strands. I don't think I'd go smaller than 1/2 inch. 

5. Once you have each interval marked, follow the snip to the opposite end of the t-shirt, leaving about 1/2 inch of uncut fabric. Try to do a smooth cut (no stopping or repositioning the scissors) to avoid jagged edges that will show in the final product. 

6. Place your hand on the un-cut edge and pull on each of the individual strands to roll up the fabric. Be careful not to pull to hard, or you could create one or two pieces that are longer than the rest. 

7. Gather the strands, and drape the hem strip through the strands at the un-cut edge. 

8. Tie the hem strip in a tight knot and cut the edges. Congrats! You just created a handmade scarf in less time than it probably takes you to make dinner most nights. Now wear, flaunt and repeat. 

P.S. - March is National Craft Month! We'll be celebrating by posting one super fun DIY project each week throughout the month. 

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