Thursday, March 8

DIY IT: Double-Braid T-Shirt Bracelet

Remember that extra scrap of t-shirt fabric from last week's tutorial? Time to break it out for this super easy, super quick and super cute double-braid t-shirt bracelet. It's my take on the ever popular t-shirt bracelet. Pull out that fabric and let's get crafting!

1. Cut a strip of fabric 1 1/2 - 2 inches wide. The length isn't super important, since you'll be cutting off the excess at the end, but at least long enough to fit around your wrist plus about an inch.

2. Take your strip of fabric and make five snips at one end, at equal internvals apart. The idea is to have six strands.

3. Cut along your snip marks to the opposite end, leaving at least 1/2 inch uncut. Then safety pin the uncut end to a pillow or anything else to stabilize the bracelet while you work. 

4. Tug on the individual strands to roll-up the edges. This will make the strands easier to handle while braiding. 

5. Take the three strands on the left and start braiding! (Pull the third strand over the second, the first strand over the third, the second one over the first and so on.) Leave at least 1/2 inch unbraided, and either tape or safety pin down the loose ends.

6. Repeat on the right side.

7. Carefully remove the tape/pins from all three ends and knot together. Remember the fabric is stretchy, so you don't need to allow extra length for getting the bracelet on and off your wrist. Trim the ends, and you're done!

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