Thursday, March 15

DIY IT: Layered Candles

Our celebration of National Craft Month continues, with these beautiful (and upcycled!) layered candles. Be warned - this  DIY is easy but not the quickest. Set aside around an hour (depending on the number of your candles) for this project. And, get ready for a side bonus - your kitchen will smell amazing while you're working! In addition to the used jar candles (I know you have a stash of nearly-used candles hiding somewhere in your house) , you'll also need an unscented pillar candle and a empty (clear is best) glass jar. So pick those up, empty out your shelf and let's get crafting!

1. Gather up your candles, the glass jar and the pillar candle. Then boil a pot of water - you want to make sure the water level doesn't rise higher than your shortest jar candle.

2. While the water is warming up, look over your used candles and decide how you want to layer your scents. I went for a mishmash of scents, but if you wanted you could a food-themed candle (using all the remnants of your fruit- and desert-scented candles), a winter-themed candle (using all the remnants of your holidays-scented candles), etc. You get the idea. The key is to decide before you start getting into the project.

3. Take your pillar candle, and with an exacto-knife, cut it to the height of your glass jar. If you know your used candles will not fill the new glass jar completely, estimate what you think will be the final height - it's a good idea to go a bit longer than you think, just in case.

4. By now your pot of water should be going strong. Turn down the heat so it's just above a simmer. Using tongs, lower your first candle into the water. Leave it there until all of the wax has melted into liquid. How long this takes will depend on how much wax was left in the candle. Once all of the wax has melted, remove it from the water using your tongs. 

5. Holding the pillar candle in the center of the jar with one hand, use the other to gently pour the liquid wax into the jar. You may want to gently shake the jar to ensure an even layer. 

6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 (minus holding the pillar candle) until you have gone through all of your used candles. You may want put the new candle in the fridge or freezer between layers to help speed up the drying process, particularly for an extra thick layer.

7. That's it! Break out the lighter and enjoy your new multi-scented candle!

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