Saturday, October 6

Observation is Inspiration

Today (or tomorrow) when you walk out your front door, take ten steps then stop. Look to the right for ten seconds. Look down at the ground for ten seconds. Look up at the sky for ten seconds. Look to your left seconds. I would bet your morning coffee that you noticed something beautiful and inspiring that you would have normally walked right past. We all get caught up in the day to day, but taking time to observe and enjoy your surroundings is a great way to recharge and revive up your creative juices. Taking pictures of your usual surroundings is also a great way to narrow in on those quietly amazing moments you normally miss.

The below photos are from a school project involving circular forms. For two days I walked around with a camera in my hand, and these are just a very small sampling of the everyday beauty I encountered during that time. Try it for yourself - what will you rediscover?

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