Saturday, August 4

Celebrating the Seahorse

Tale of Love Print by kellybermudez

Seahorses are one of the quirkier creatures created by mother nature. Among their interesting traits there are a few worth mentioning: seahorses are lousy swimmers, their eyes move independently of each other and when mating they are known to change color and swim with their curly tails intertwined. Not to mention the fact that they are only one of two species where the males birth the young. Their uniqueness has made the seahorse a darling of the ocean, so let's celebrate the quirky seahorse with these beautiful artworks! 
Seahorse Painting by WhitSpeaks

Seahorse Print by GreenGirlCanvas

Seahorse Print by DianaMartinStudio

Seahorse Watercolor Painting by anitarogulj


  1. Love your work Kelly! Thanks for visiting my blog!

  2. thank you for including my painting!! :) lovely blog!

  3. Love your work too Whitney, such fun colors! Thank for visiting!