Wednesday, August 8

Fun Finds: National Lighthouse Day

Lighthouse Watercolor by yankeegirlart

Here in the U.S., yesterday was National Lighthouse Day. Of course, I had this special post all ready to go and then life got in the way and it didn't get posted. Anyway, it may be a day late but what's wrong with giving lighthouses another day of honor? :)

Lighthouses hold a unique place in America's history. When American relied heavily on the ocean for transit and trade, lighthouses served a vital function in the community. For the lighthouse keepers and their families, it was dangerous and difficult work with little reward (Have you ever visited a lighthouse? They aren't exactly roomy.).

To me personally, lighthouses are a reminder of simpler times and are worthy of preservation and attention. Enter the American Lighthouse Foundation. The organization behind National Lighthouse Day is also leading the fight to save and restore these aging structures. Learn more about the lighthouse way of life at ALF's website. And, take a look at this collection of handmade finds celebrating the lighthouse. Highlights are below, and be sure to check out the full collection. Enjoy!
Lighthouse Ring by tadastudio

Lighthouse Photography by SeeWorldThruMyEyes

Lighthouse Print by jennasuedesign


  1. Thank you so much for this beautiful feature on your blog. Love light houses!


  2. Love lighthouses!! Thanks so much for including my watercolor painting in your blog post. Much appreciated~

  3. Sylwia & Yankeegirl - I'm happy to share your beautiful work! Thanks for stopping by!