Wednesday, October 19

Crafty Site Review: LilyShop

So awhile back I let you all know that I was experimenting with different online selling venues for indie artists. It's been several weeks since opening these stores, so I figured it was time to share my thoughts. Let's start with LilyShop.

Of all the sites, I think this one has the most potential. I love the layout and the clean look of the site. It has fun features, like YardSale - a sale section where sellers can submit their own items at a specified discounted price. Sellers also have the option for individual blogs, not something I've utilized,  but I can see how others would find it a nice option. Listing items is a straight forward process, with a list of tags to choose from (including colors) and space to enter product-specific keywords. Each listing allows four photos, so those used to Etsy's five photos will have to eliminate one. There are different levels for sellers, some with fees, though when I joined the site admins were offering a promotion. Something worth looking into for those sellers scared off by fees.

The main problem with LilyShop is that no one knows about it. And that includes sellers. Google Analytics shows woefully low stats for my shop. A site-wide search for "coaster" returns 12 products - 10 of which are mine. This could be good, as if someone is determined to buy a coaster from LilyShop my odds are extremely high, but with stats like that the chances that a buyer will turn to LilyShop for their shopping is extremely low.

My verdict? If the site admins were to amp up their marketing this could be a great handmade venue for both buyers and sellers, but without more exposure (a lot more) LilyShop's potential will go unrealized.

Upcycled Map Wall Art - LOVE

Upcycled Map Coaster - Maryland in Pink

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  1. I totally agree. I have yet to come across one shop with a sale and they have been around over 12 months.