Thursday, October 6

Love Your Veggie...Art

Vegetable art has long graced the walls of Grandmother's kitchens everywhere, but I think it's time for those tomato still life paintings and striped-lettuce wall paper to break out of their 1950s mold and join the 21st century. It seems I'm not alone. Check out this collection of vegetable themed art, highlights are below, and don't be afraid to let your veggie-love out into the open!

Carrot Art Print by lesjouesgrises

Radish Art by PragyaK
Science of Pickles by anek


  1. Hi !
    I just wanted to thank you for featuring my carrot print ! :)
    Thank you thnk you thank you !!
    Charlène from LesJouesGrises

  2. Hi Merle! Thanks for letting me share your great work!!