Monday, October 31

Happy Halloween - Veggie Style

A pickle, an onion and a red pepper all walk into a bar...

Sounds like the start to a pretty terrible joke, right? Well today on Halloween it could be more than just a could be true! We've all seen the adorable baby dressed as a pea in a pod, and the standard felt pumpkin costume but sadly, out-of-box vegetable costumes seem to be few and far between. Particularly of the handmade variety. In honor of today's holiday and the end of Vegetarian Awareness Month here are a few fun costumes I've come across, but I imagine the best way to pay homage to your favorite vegetable might be to dream up and create the costume yourself!

Onion Costume by Windy City
Broccoli Costume From Windy City
Carrot Costume From Empire

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