Thursday, September 8

Craft Show Displays

First, a big apology to all for being a slacker this week and not posting. Unconsciously, I took a bit of a breather from all things-online and before I knew it four days had passed! (There are 823 new posts on my google reader to catch-up on!) Guess I just needed to unplug for awhile.

During my trip back to the pre-digital era, I took the opportunity to rework my craft show display. I'd been doing roughly the same set-up for the past two years, and with some new products to display I thought this weekend's Ballston Market would be a great opportunity to shake things up. Months ago I had bookmarked this blog post on Indie Fixx with 14 rules for craft show displays. Many of the items were things I wanted to improve about my own show display: making it easier for customers to interact with the products, utilizing different heights and incorporating unique display props. I want my booth to look like a mini store, so when people walk by my tent they get an immediate idea of the types of products they will find there. Will my new set-up be perfect? No. But it's definitely a step in the right direction. Below is a sneak peak (ignore the garage jumble in the background) with full pics coming after Saturday's show. 

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