Friday, September 30

Fall Color Trends I Can Get Behind

Gold, Orange, Brown, Burgundy.

Sound familiar? These are the tried and true colors of fall, and, in honesty, not my usual favorites. I love the season (breezy temps, scarves, football and my birthday - what more could you ask for?) but with the exception of the continuing eggplant trend, I don't love fall colors. So I was thrilled to stumble across this HGTV post on top color trends this fall. The list includes some fun variations on the fall classics. Instead of forest green try an invigorating emerald or a muted cedar (had never heard of this color before either but I'm loving it).  Instead of chocolate brown try bamboo - it's brown with a healthy dose of retro yellow. Check out the post for the rest of the list (including a surprising blue hue!) and find ways, big or small, to incorporate these fun colors into your seasonal decor before someone remembers it's fall. 

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