Friday, September 9

Introduce Some Color Into Your World

The rain clouds finally decided to take a break here in DC. Just as they were moving on I caught a quick glimpse of a rainbow. This unexpected sighting (after three days of dismal, seemingly unending rain) reminded me just how much colors can impact a person's mood. I'm sure everyone's heard how businesses, such as hotels and restaurants, choose specific colors for their decor to influence customers but how many people apply this same concept into their homes?

To do so, first we must understand what feelings and characteristics are naturally associated with each color. Here is a neat color symbolism chart from ArtTherapy to get you started (For those unfamiliar with tag clouds, note that the words in white are the most strongly associated attributes with the association weakening as the text color darkens). I was intrigued to see just how many conflicting feelings are associated with each color - for instance blue is associated with both confidence and despair as well as balance and depression. At first it's hard to understand how those such opposing feelings can be drawn from the same color until you consider that each person interacting with the color comes with their own perspective. I guess like many things, color symbolism is very subjective. Either way, if you're looking to change up your space, color symbolism can be a fun way to guide your transformation. Want to introduce more excitement into a space? Try introducing red accents. Looking to make your living room more joyful, humorous and cozy? Go for orange. For myself, purple has always been my power color. With attributes like dream, individualism, beauty and creativity it's easy to see why!

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