Saturday, September 3

Crafty Book Review - Organizing Your Day

Since leaving a full-time job one of my biggest hurdles has been time management. It turns out I’m great at physical organization (my desk space is a tribute to the color-coded gods) but lousy at mental or action organization (i.e. I just spent two hours online ‘window’ shopping for couches). 

I picked up Organizing Your Day because the title kept coming up in my online searches for time management resources. Frankly, I was disappointed. I found that the book did a good job of pointing why people have problems managing their time and what causes people to lose their focus, but failed to fully deliver on the promised time management techniques (come on, it’s even in the title...Organizing Your Day: Time Management Techniques that Will Work for You.) For instance, the tips at the end of the chapter on Daily Scheduling include - “Before you start your day, look at your to-do list.” and “Create consistent, successful morning and evening routines” Well that sounds great - but how do I do that and stick with it? The book is organized into 24 chapters each on a specialized topic - procrastination, delegating, multi-tasking, etc. The authors use case-studies to explain each topic and at the end of the chapter have a short list of summary tips. Now, it may be that I’m more educated on time management methods than I realized, but unless you’re looking for very basic information on the topic I wouldn’t add this book to your reading list.

Verdict? Not recommended

Organizing Your Day by Sandra Felton and Marsha Sims
272 pp., 2009, Revell

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