Monday, September 12

Crafty Book Review - How to Make Money Using Etsy

This book, from the mind behind, is a great resource for beginner and advanced Etsy sellers alike. The beginning chapters go through step by step the process of setting up a shop and getting involved in the Etsy community, which veteran Etsy sellers may find redundant. These readers should skip ahead to the later chapters on SEO (we can all always use a brush up here!) and marketing. The book closes with a collection of interviews with Etsy sellers. This was the section I found the most useful and interesting. It reinforced that there is no one way to go about being successful on Etsy, just because you hear of one person having success with a certain tactic does not mean that if you’re not doing it that way you won’t see results. The entire book is supported by pertinent graphics (mostly screenshots of various online tools or Etsy itself) and tips from successful sellers. I’ve found myself picking it up even after the initial read for further inspiration, particularly for marketing and blogging tips. 

Verdict: Recommended

How to Make Money Using Etsy by Timothy Adam
240 pp. 2011, Wiley

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